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Derek Webb ‘Ctrl’

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8/13/12 update… nah, it’s not really an electronic album.  Singer-songwriter fare… good stuff, though, as usual from Derek.

So, perhaps Derek Webb is turning into an electronic artist?  OK.  Fine with me, I loved that progression from acoustic singer-songwriter on Stockholm Syndrome.

He’s putting out his newest album, Ctrl, on August 21, 2012 (online) / September 4, 2012 (physical).  Here’s all the relevant press for the album and Square Tour

Ctrl will be available for early/direct sale at 12:01AM on August 21, 2012 exclusively at derekwebb.com for two weeks before it goes on sale everywhere on September 4, 2012.

On August 23, Derek will also be launching THE SQUARE TOUR in support of Ctrl. Backed by a full band (including Ctrl co-producer Josh Moore), THE SQUARE TOUR promises to be the most musically and technologically ambitious live production of Derek Webb’s career. Every show on THE SQUARE TOUR will take place in a surprising, unconventional venue specifically selected to accommodate a unique four-sided stage and lighting/production rig designed and built exclusively for THE SQUARE TOUR.

Opening for Derek Webb on THE SQUARE TOUR is the band Page CXVI (which features SOLA-MI vocalist Latifah Phillips). All shows on THE SQUARE TOUR will also include a very special performance by SOLA-MI.  All tickets will be sold directly from derekwebb.com, and are AVAILABLE NOW. Follow @derekwebb on Twitter for additional cities as they’re added.

~Dan – np: Sigur RósValtari

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