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Puscifer “Man Overboard” [video]

8th Sep 11 (Thu) Leave a comment Go to comments

The first single from Puscifer’s second album Conditions of My Parole now has a video.  Get your Maynard James Keenan fix with the”Man Overboard” is directed by Meats Meier

I dig the song more than the video… while I dig Meats’ style, all the Puscifer videos are a bit “samey.”  I’d hope for something more unique rather than doing the same thing over and over again.  Great song from Maynard & Co and great talent in Meats, though… in spades, for sure.

The CD is up for pre-order here, and the vinyl is available for pre-order (and comes out October 18th).  The digital download single is available now.  A US Tour is expected for November 2011.

~Dan – np: Pretty LightsFilling Up the City Skies

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