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OSI #4 in Jan 2012 on Metal Blade

20th Jun 11 (Mon) Leave a comment Go to comments

Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel dropped info on the next O.S.I. record (their 4th).  It’ll hit us in January 2012 per this tweet.  O.S.I. is Kevin Moore (Chroma Key, ex-Dream Theater) and Jim Matheos (ex-Fates Warning)… they make some excellent drum-programmed twitchy, sample-driven ethereal prog (like a harder version of Chroma Key).  Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree drums on this one.  Mixing is happening now, based on prior reports.

Samples from their past three records:

The 4th album was originally slated for Fall 2010.  I can wait, but barely…

~Dan – np: Fishtank EnsembleWoman in Sin

  1. Marcelo
    9th Nov 11 (Wed) at 8:41 pm

    “Jim Matheos (ex-Fates Warning)” MAN!, do not say that! JM is still FW main driving force and FW is expected to release a new record next year

    • 9th Nov 11 (Wed) at 8:55 pm

      sorry, thought he was out. I’m not too much of a FW fan…

  1. 5th Jul 11 (Tue) at 1:11 pm

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