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REVIEW: Derek Webb @ WOW Hall (Eugene, OR – 1/20/11)

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I’ve been a fan of Derek Webb ever since seeing him in Caedmon’s Call in the mid-90s.  His voice and lyricism is something I connect with, regardless of my now-differing beliefs.  He’s a genuine artist & thinker, and I think he’s a Christian that I think really “gets it”… or is at least trying to “get it” (we’re all a work in progress)…

His last two albums, 2009’s Stockholm Syndrome and 2010’s instrumental Feedback, have some of the best material he’s put out, in my opinion.  Since I went into a long-ish discussion about my connection and thoughts about Webb & Christianity in my review of the Jennifer Knapp tour in the Spring 2010 and my thoughts about Feedback, I’ll keep this review shorter and sweeter…

We showed up a little after the early start time… I got a chuckle out of Derek’s tweet about it being a “Christian seated show” (with photo) and took in the last half of opener Anna Gilbert‘s set…

Anna is an Oregonian, went to the University of Oregon, lives in Portland, and has a handful of delightfully sonic pop albums.  Her third CD, Your Love My Medicine, was produced by none other than knob-wizard Charlie Peacock (his wiki).  Anna’s sound… poppy, singer-songwriter.  Nice positive songs.

After a short break and a beer, Derek hit the stage at 8pm…

Great set, a mix of songs from his solo albums, a couple of Caedmon’s tunes… and one lonely cover song.  Based on my prior experience with Derek, and his recent Democracy covers series (now heading into Volume 2), I figured he’d hit us with another cover or two.

The acoustic version of the mostly electronic Stockholm Syndrome songs worked well.  “What Matters More” is a favorite, and while the studio version is full of electronics, the stripped down version still remained one of my favorites from the night.  For other Derek fans (or Derek himself), have the Stockholm songs ever been played out live with keyboards and/or a full band (Joshua Moore, etc)?  That would kick ass.

Setlist: about 90 mins

  1. The End / The Very End
  2. The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum
  3. New Law
  4. I Hate Everything (But You)
  5. Freddie, Please
  6. A Love That’s Stronger Than Our Fears
  7. I Love/Hate You
  8. God’s Hometown [Caedmon’s Call]
  9. I Just Don’t Want Coffee [Caedmon’s Call]
  10. Wedding Dress
  11. Heaven
  12. What Matters More
  13. She Must And Shall Go Free
  14. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding [Nick Lowe]

“Spirit vs. Kick Drum,” “Love/Hate,” and the Caedmon’s “Coffee” were some other favorite selections from the night.  His banter was charming as usual.  I was surprised he didn’t talk about Shawn Colvin being on his flight to Eugene… alas, perhaps he was distracted by Delta not being as gentle with his guitar as he’d have liked… assuming his guitar makes it back to Nashville with him, he needs to get a few things checked out (loose screw or something).

more photos below

The Appropriate Linkage:

He’s playing Seattle, WA, tonight (1/22 @ the Q Cafe).  Check out more tour dates at http://derekwebb.com/.

Next concert for me… Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl’s Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger on 1/28.

~Dan – np: No-ManReturning Jesus

all pictures (cc) 2011 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

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  1. Dan
    22nd Jan 11 (Sat) at 11:46 am

    Yes – late 2009 had the “Black Eye” tour, where he played the album start to finish. It was great, but since they used samples live it sounded almost exactly the same as the album. I’ll be sharing my recording of the Raleigh show one of these days. One of the rarer highlights was Derek and Josh Moore actually doing an old Caedmon’s song with guitar and keys.

    I miss being in Seattle, though – the Q Cafe is the best venue in town! I’m sure that’ll be a great show too.

    • 22nd Jan 11 (Sat) at 1:54 pm

      Cool… I’d love to hear the Raleigh show! :)

      Re: the Q Cafe… I’ve never been there. Next time I’m up that way for work, I’ll hafta put it on my radar for a show.


  1. 22nd Jan 11 (Sat) at 9:53 am

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