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Inlets on Daytrotter

15th Jan 11 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

Two Daytrotter posts in a row? Well, they continually put out great in-studio sessions for FREE.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back to the normal thing… my Reptet live review from last night coming up by Monday (with photos from their Eugene show at Luckey’s).

This Daytrotter session is from Inlets (aka Sebastian Krueger).  I first saw Inlets back when I was visiting NYC in March 2007.  He had connections to My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden), and that show really clued me into his wonderfulness.  He played on her A Thousand Shark’s Teeth record, and in 2007 his Vestibule EP was available for free (legally).  I’m sure you can still find it (or if you ask Sebastian nicely).

Of the few websites that aren’t RSS feed-able that made it to my “must check every day” list… Daytrotter is great…

Go here for the free music:

1) You Are An Effigy 2) Canteen
3) Bright Orange Air 4) Famous Looks

Past Daytrotter Sessions I’ve blogged about and dug (links and free music not guaranteed on these old blogs): Iron & Wine, El Ten Eleven, A Weather, Tegan & Sara, Clare and the Reasons #2, CocoRosie, Portland Cello Project, Matisyahu, Tori Amos, The Swell Season, David Bazan #2, Copeland, Bad Veins, Nellie McKay, Clare and the Reasons #1, My Brightest Diamond #2, Damien Jurado, Talkdemonic, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco, Bad Veins #1, Kaki King, Holy Fuck… and David Bazan, My Brightest Diamond, Erin McKeown.

~Dan – Derek WebbStockholm Syndrome


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