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Interview with David Bazan (via the138)

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Excellent interview about David Bazan‘s upcoming album, Strange Negotiations

Interview with David Bazan We recently sat down with musical artist David Bazan and picked his brain on as many topics as we could. Ladies and gentlemen: David Bazan. Photo By: Joshua Watson   How did Strange Negotiations (the upcoming album) get its name? David Bazan: It’s a phrase that had been kind of rolling around in my head for the past year, or so, I guess. It just popped in and it seemed to describe the feeling I had about certain cultural … Read More via the138

The album comes out May 2011.  The “Help David Bazan Make a Record” drive is over, but check back at http://www.davidbazan.com/ in the future for more info on the album as it gets done / put up for sale…

~Dan – np: Loose GripLooking Glass

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