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Kim Taylor – Little Miracle

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just announced on kim-taylor.net

Kim Taylor‘s newest album, Little Miracle, is getting ready for a physical release.  It’s due date is September 21st.  Stay tuned to k-t.net in the future for more press releases, pre-order details, et cetera.

Note: As previously reported here, this album came out in a digital version in December 2009.  So this is the physical edition’s debut!  The tracklist is as follows, and is likely differently mixed/mastered from the version nine months ago…

1. Little Miracle
2. Lost and Found
3. American Child
4. Anchor Down
5. Open Wide
6. Do You Ever Feel Lonely
7. If I Am Wrong
8. Fruit of My Labor
9. Sharp Cutting Wings (Song to a Poet)

For those unfamiliar with Kim Taylor… you need to stop what you’re doing and dig into her back catalogue.  Smokey voice, well-crafted melodies, great songwriting.  Her webpage doesn’t appear to have a store anymore… you can find her on the iTunes or the Amazons

~Dan – np: Wynton MarsalisIn This House, On This Morning

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