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Music Videos x 3

9th May 09 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

Tori AmosFire to Your Plain” from Abnormally Attracted to Sin

(click pic for video)

Dream TheaterA Rite of Passage” from Black Clouds & Silver Linings

(click pic for video)

IncubusBlack Heart Inertia” from Monuments and Melodies

So… yeah, the Tori Amos video is OK.  Hard to distinguish anything great here, doesn’t seem unlike Tori, but doesn’t seem like great Tori either.  I suppose we shall see when the full album arrives (May 19th).

The Dream Theater video is, well, good except when James LaBrie is singing John Petrucci’s inane lyrics.  They’re so inane, I thought they were Mike Portnoy lyrics. ::rolleyes::  The only thing missing from the lyrics were mentions of dragons or doves (they’re interchangeable in the realm of prog rock lyrics).  I love 3/5ths of this band (guitar: John Petrucci/bass: John Myung/drums: Mike Portnoy), but about only 1/5ths of its lyricists (John Myung).  Ack… best part of this video is about 3/4ths in when Petrucci shreds it up… before LaBrie comes back in with more singing.  No offense, but this video wreaks of prog metal gone… well… as planned, I suppose.  It is comforting that the special edition of BC&SL (June 23rd) has a 3rd disc of the instrumental mixes of the entire album.  Trust me… it’ll get the most spins from me.

The Incubus video is cheesy, too-O.C.-y.  The song is actually pretty good, and I dig Brandon Boyd’s vocals.  It’s part of a greatest hits release (June 16th) as the bonus song or what have you.  IMO, it’s promising for the future album, assuming they’re working on one.  At this point, I could go for guitarist Mike Einziger’s side project end>vacuum on album.

~Dan – np: WussyWussy (2009)

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