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fright of the conchords

13th Jan 09 (Tue) Leave a comment Go to comments

There’s no reason to be afraid of New Zealand’s 4th most popular comedy folk duo.  They’re mostly harmless, and they’re back for both a 2nd season on HBO (or eventually on DVD for those non-HBO subscribers like me) and a second album as well. 

The Flight of the Conchords… looking… longingly and forlorn…?

As reported in SPIN, the kiwis are releasing their 2nd CD this coming April on Sub Pop Records (April 14th to be exact).  Australian singer (and Zero 7 collaborator) Sia guests on a track.  Also, if you pre-order the album from Sub Pop, you get the singles right after they air on the TV show (as well as some songs not on the TV show).

~Dan – np: Criss AngelSystem 2 in the Trilogy

PS- the new 3rd -gen Prius looks freakin’ rad…

  1. Nathan Ketchen
    14th Jan 09 (Wed) at 11:16 am

    I really tried to get into these guys. They’d be really funny if they didn’t have so many dirty jokes.

  2. 14th Jan 09 (Wed) at 11:23 am

    Man if you think they are dirty you really must not listen to anyone!!!!!!!!!

  3. 14th Jan 09 (Wed) at 12:01 pm

    Nathan, I think you’re thinking of Tenacious D.

  4. Nathan Ketchen
    15th Jan 09 (Thu) at 7:57 am

    All their songs are not dirty, but it seems like they have a lot of sex jokes in their music. It’s just a little too much for me. I enjoy their humor otherwise.

  5. 15th Jan 09 (Thu) at 8:07 am


  6. 16th Jan 09 (Fri) at 2:01 pm

    FOTC = Tenacious D for indie rock hipsters. Maybe i’d find them funny if there were more dirty jokes? But maybe it’s because I hate indie rock. *shrug*

  7. 16th Jan 09 (Fri) at 2:25 pm

    I like their delayed /odd New Zealand sense of humour.
    Oh, yeah, I said humour with the extra “u” and everything.

    They don’t really seem “indie rock” to me… more parody folk, as almost all of their songs are somehow knock-offs of other people’s songs (not to the extent of Weird All, though).


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