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Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates

19th Sep 08 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy Talk Like a Pirate, Friday!  Here arrrrrr some funny guys…

Yeah, I don’t know how long these have been out.  Who knows, it may be old news.  Well, it was new news to me. :)

~Dan – np: Sigur RósInní mér syngur vitleysingur (single)

  1. 19th Sep 08 (Fri) at 7:43 am

    Old news trying to compete with Apple. I guess if you have Billions of dollars to try and sell you shitty operating system you can hire a Seinfeld. They are already done with these ads and have moved on to. I am PC adds trying to mock the Apple ads. If they made a better product they would not need these. Steve Jobs for President 08

  2. Evan
    19th Sep 08 (Fri) at 9:53 am

    Yeah… funny videos. I saw the ad and I was wondering what the heck it was all about then nearly fell out of my seat when I saw it was a Wondows ad. :P

    Not sure why they need to advertise, it’s not like Apple is making any major inroads into the PC market. Apple lucks out because they are such a tiny part of the market so any problems they have are not reported on as much since it effects very few people. Over the last year or so they have had some major problems with MacBook hardware failures, a new software initiative to connect all of your digital communications, etc failed miserably as it began eating peoples data, Nanos catchign on fire, iPhone 2.0 not living up to the hype and being slower than the original, Leopard OS killing people’s computers, MobileMe failing miserably, etc.

    They do make some nifty gadgets though. :) I luv me iPod. Arrr…

  3. 19th Sep 08 (Fri) at 12:22 pm

    I figured it may have been old… funny stuff, though. :)

  4. 19th Sep 08 (Fri) at 12:27 pm

    Apples Market share gets bigger every year. Ipods 74% of the Market . Zune 2%. Macbooks are the biggest selling notebooks at Colleges. They will never be up there with Windows but that does
    mean that they don’t make a better computer and OS. (Which they do).

  5. kab
    19th Sep 08 (Fri) at 6:36 pm

    hey dan, the company making the ads was the cover story for fast company’s june 2008 issue. so you’re not too late.

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