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Palin(g) in Comparison

2nd Sep 08 (Tue) Leave a comment Go to comments

To the Hillary supporters who for some reason don’t like Barack Obama…

Don’t Vote for McCain simply because he chose a woman.  I know that may seem like an unlikely alternative, and I know that we’re all smarter than that…

But there are rumors and rumors of rumors that some Hillary-likers (now maybe undecideds) are switching over to the crotchety side simply due to his choice of a woman…

Sarah Palin is not an alternative to Hillary.  She’s actually quite the opposite.

  • She doesn’t believe in teaching sex education in schools.  She believes in abstinence only sex education.  Her 17year old daughter is pregnant.  Hmm… yeah, not teaching kids about condom use really works… 100% of the time that they don’t have sex.  Of course, it works zero percent of the time when they do have sex.
  • She wants creationism (i.e.- religion…) taught in public schools (…as science).  So… she believes the earth was formed around 4,000 B.C. – – which is roughly 4,000 years after the agricultural revolution occurred in Mesopotamia.  Oh, and it all started with two people, a snake who knew (presumably) excellent Hebrew, and an apple that a supernatural being didn’t want these two people to eat.  Yes, let’s give her the 2nd position in power.
  • She also believes that the founding fathers (of the U.S.) fully intended for “Under God” to be in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Um… the founding fathers were long dead in the 1950s.  They were (mostly) deists, not (mostly) Christians, and they had nothing to do with the “Under God” in the pledge or the “In God We Trust” on the currency.  That all happened in the 1950s as a reactionary move of congress during McCarthy’s anti-communism witch hunt.
  • She wants polar bears to cease to be listed as endangered.  They don’t need rights.  They’re just animals.
  • She wants to deny any benefits to homosexual couples.  They don’t need rights either.  They’re just animals.
  • She opposes abortion and stem cell research.  Um… hello… stem cell research doesn’t have to come from fetii.  They are separate issues, and stem cell research should not, not, not be linked to it… regardless of your views on abortion / reproductive rights.  Wake up!
  • Oy…  http://www.ontheissues.org/Sarah_Palin.htm

Sarah Palin is not the alternative.  Not.  The.  Alternative.  And, as the old man’s V.P., there’s a good chance that she could be P. after the oldie has a heart attack after being egged on the way to inauguration.  Not a good idea.

~Dan – np: a weird iPod playlist with Gnashing of Teeth‘s 2006 demos and Joss Whedon‘s Mr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog Soundtrack

  1. 3rd Sep 08 (Wed) at 8:59 am

    I am of the opinion that these mythical “not voting for barack” hilary supporters are plants of the republican party engaged in a concerted disinformation campaign to sway the simple-minded.

    No pro-abortion, pro-universal health care, liberal Democrat with a pulse would even consider Palin or McCain as alternatives.

    Don’t expect. Suggest.

  2. 3rd Sep 08 (Wed) at 8:13 pm

    yeah, same thoughts here. but you know the swaying undecided masses. I mean, for fuck’s sake… W got in twice.

  3. jaem
    4th Sep 08 (Thu) at 6:47 pm

    and, and, and…she thinks being in iraq was/is god’s will.

    makes ya wanna slap your mama…

  4. 4th Sep 08 (Thu) at 7:34 pm

    especially since my momma will probably vote McCain/Palin.


    At least us four kids cancel out my mom & dad’s votes.

  5. 6th Sep 08 (Sat) at 11:31 am

    I’ve never met this stealth 4th sibling of yours. Something in the deep recesses of my brain says “older sister”. What gives?

  6. jaem
    6th Sep 08 (Sat) at 1:31 pm

    yeah, homes, that’s my mom (and dad for that matter) too. while they profess to being grateful that i have passionate idea(l)s, they go the other way. mom is thinking of campaigning for the scary lady. sheesh.

  7. 7th Sep 08 (Sun) at 5:59 pm

    yep, older sister. she was stealth to M, too. my older sis didn’t come to our wedding… M met her when my sis moved back to Ohio. she now lives with my parents… which, you know, that’s gotta be fun.

  8. Nathan Ketchen
    10th Oct 08 (Fri) at 1:52 pm

    This is a totally bizzare post. Palin loves children and doesn’t want to redefine marriage. That makes her bad?

    Besides that, a vote for McCain isn’t really that much different from Obama. Obama is a socialist and McCain will have socialists in his cabinet. You win both ways as far as I’m concerned.

  9. 11th Oct 08 (Sat) at 2:19 pm

    Palin wanting to deny benefits to homosexuals has very little to do with redefining marriage. If homosexuals can get basic benefits (employment health insurance, rights of survivorship, etc), calling it “marriage” versus something else wouldn’t matter.

    Her loving children isn’t wrong. It’s her idiocy on just about every topic that makes her UNFIT to be the #2 leader in the country. She’s an utter buffoon.

    I agree that Obama isn’t much different than McCain. Republicrats and Democans are basically the same, mostly. Obama is enough different on some key issues (health care, iraq) that I like him. Had McCain picked someone at least competent, it’d be better. But it’s to the point where if McCain wins, we’re all screwed when he dies in his first term (33% chance).

    Also, with respect to Obama vs. McCain… McCain’s been around enough to be a menace. Look up the “Keating 5.” McCain wasn’t directly involved, but he is heavily linked to letting what happened in the 80s Savings & Loan scandal.

    I’d rather go for new blood… rather than McSame.

  10. 11th Oct 08 (Sat) at 2:21 pm

    Also, Palin and the “witch protection” pastor… sigh…

    And that her husband was in the Alaska secessionist party, and she gave a speech for the party in early 2008. So, someone who wants to have Alaska leave the U.S. (or is at least sympathetic to that) wants to run the U.S.?

    double sigh

  11. Nathan Ketchen
    14th Oct 08 (Tue) at 8:33 am

    My point remains the same. I kind of like Palin because she makes socialists mad, but wouldn’t choose her to be president. McCain only chose her to court the conservatives, but I am not fooled. I also have theological problems with a woman in office. I must be a sexist to say that, I know.

    Not to worry, I plan to waste my vote on a third party candidate this time: Chuck Baldwin is my man.

    Trust me, though, you’re gonna be happy either way the election goes. It is only a matter of time before healthcare is socialized, and then we’ll all be happier…unless we need healthcare.

    Iraq is the least of your troubles, because it’s like, way on the other side of the world and has no affect on us. What about the other 100-something countries we occupy? Is Iraq the only one that matters?

    There will come a time of crisis in this country when Islam is the majority, though. We could take steps now to avoid that crisis, but “toleration” will give them every foothold they need. When they preach the Koran, they kill you if you don’t convert; I just keep praying for you when you reject the gospel.

  12. 14th Oct 08 (Tue) at 12:45 pm

    In response…

    * I’m not a socialist.

    * But on those lines…social efforts for people should be considered a GOOD thing. Bailing out corporations who have robbed said people already should be considered a BAD thing.

    * Voting on a third party candidate is not a waste of a vote. It is important to keep viable options out there beyond the ludicrous two party system.

    * I won’t be happy if McCain wins. He’s a FAR worse choice than Obama. And I’ll point out areas where Obama makes bad choices, too. The government was intended to work for us (the citizens).

    * The money we’ve spent on Iraq could have paid for the bailout, health care for all (even if via HMOs/PPOs), research for diseases, research for renewable energy… many times over. We are wasting tax payer dollars on a futile war for the wrong reasons.

    * I am tolerant of peoples’ choices for their own choice for religion. When it comes to them blurring the line with state, I am intolerant. The founding fathers did not want any law favoring one religion. In the Bush era, the lines are blurred far too often. Christianity is a far deeper threat than Islam in the U.S. IMO, any religion can and will do as much damage as another for any government if it takes over the power. At this point, Islam is so far below Christianity as far as pull in the U.S. – – it’s ridiculous.

    * Keep praying, if it makes you feel better. It’s a hollow gesture to a hollow god. I realize that’s a harsh statement. I love you as a friend. I appreciate & respect your choice. I just feel that your choice is clouded. As I know you think my choice is as well. I just think I’d rather spend my life, treating it as special – – as it’s the only life I have. Lack of an afterlife makes this one so much more special to me.

  13. Nathan Ketchen
    15th Oct 08 (Wed) at 7:12 am

    I love your blog, by the way.

    I also think the bailout was a terrible thing. I don’t see how it fuels capitalism, though. Maybe I just don’t understand it well. When the government buys banks, that is socialistic. The government is now our bank. That’s a problem. At least that is how I understand the bailout. I am glad that people on both ends of the “political spectrum” agree that it is a bad thing, regardless of how we read it.

    I am not surprised that you see Christianity as a bigger threat than Islam. There have been many atrocities in the name of Christianity through the centuries, and they make me sad. I can safely say that those atrocities are wrong interpretations of Christianity, though. Islam, however, is based on violence and necessarily leads to it. They are having a lot more kids than the rest of us, too, so it won’t be long before there is a majority of muslims in this country. Take a look at England. They have already begun to introduce Sharia Law there. Holland is virtually completely Muslim, and France is heading that way, too.

    As a Christian I love that, because when my enemies suround me, I have them right where I want them. They don’t stand a chance.

  14. 17th Oct 08 (Fri) at 8:09 pm

    When it comes to “socialism,” I wouldn’t call this bailout something that fits that bill. Government health care, yeah, I’d call that socialism. This bailout is more what I’d call “corporate welfare.” It’s something different… and something more connected to greed in corporate america and greed in D.C.

    I see most religions as fairly threatening to a free society. In the U.S., Christianity is way more popular and personally involved in our politics… it’s scary. I’d hate for Islam to take over, too. Sharia law is batshit crazy. I guess I hope the 16% of people who identify as non-religious continues to grow.

    As for having my enemies close… well, that’s all fine to say. I’d rather not have them surround me in 360 directions so they begin to suffocate my freedom. Alas, I doubt it will come to that in our lifetime.

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