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Drumcorps / Animosity – Altered Beast

30th Aug 08 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

I first heard of Drumcorps last year via a noise / experimental artist An Endless Contortionist (not for everyone).  Anyway, I got Drumcorps’ Grist via Lala, and I totally dig it.

Drumcorps is a Berlin-based one man wrecking crew, Aaron Spectre.  The music is grindcore, breakcore, noisecore, noise metal, or whatever you might call a brutal onslaught of your ears and mind.  In other words… awesome, but not for everyone.

The Altered Beast LP is music by Animosity and remixed by Drumcorps.  The music is all free online… you can get it 100% free as (great quality) 320kbps mp3 or (better/CD quality) FLAC:

*freemusic* http://drumcorps.cc/alteredbeast/mp3 *freemusic*

*freemusic* http://drumcorps.cc/alteredbeast/flac *freemusic*

01 Thin Retro God
02 A Profit on Greediness
03 Mobs Over, Rob Me

The main thing about this blog was to mention how gorgeous the vinyl editions are… wholly cow… It’s an etched & foil stamped 10″ vinyl, in four different color variations, some of which are ultra-mega-deluxe and come with 22-color hand-screenprinted and letterpressed jackets.

The vinyl is all limited edition, and based on the pictures above, I can see why.  When I ordered, the Birthday Cake style was out already (only 100 made); but the Cupcake (200 made), Wealthy Eggplant (300 made), and Moldy Cheese (400 made) styles were all available HERE at Man Alive! Records.

~Dan – np: Drumcorps / AnimosityAltered Beast

  1. 13th Sep 08 (Sat) at 4:45 pm

    Per Man Alive (the record company)

    Altered Beast Sold Out
    Man Alive mail order has sold out of Altered Beast! THANK YOU! I am also very thankful to have my room back as it was packed full of boxes.

    There are still copies to be obtained, but you will have to get them from an Animosity show, a Drumcorps show, one of the many distributors we sent some too, or our official distributor Indie Merch Store.

    Indie Merch Store

    -brewster & man alive

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