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21st Jul 08 (Mon) Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes it’s easy to get turned aside, going one way when you meant to go the other. We’ve been house hunting for over 3 weeks now. It’s been fun, but quite tiring. We had finally started to settle in on a few, then made a decision on one of them on Saturday night. We were about to put in an offer on that house on Sunday afternoon… then last minute, we found out about a house that just got listed. It looked amazing (online), had an open house that morning/afternoon… and we went and saw it and fell in love. Within 3 hours, we were writing up an offer for that house instead of the prior one. A shunting house hunting experience, indeed.

Anyway, our offer got accepted moments ago. Yay! Now comes the laborious inspections, closing, et cetera… but we’re happy. It’s an amazing house in this amazing place we call Eugene, OR.


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