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Mogwai & Music Fest NW

9th Jul 08 (Wed) Leave a comment Go to comments

The only band I really care to see at Music Fest NW 2008 (in Portland) is Scottish post-rock band MOGWAI. Hence, I had written it off as, “nah, ain’t gonna bother.” I mean, Mogwai is great – – I’ve seen them before (at my 1,000th live music performance seen), but driving up to Portland on a Wednesday (Sept 3rd) isn’t high on my list. I had written it off…

…until now.

Plans changed at work, and some interim fieldwork for a client of mine that was going to happen in mid-July is now happening in early September… right during Music Fest NW. Alas, I’ll get to see Mogwai, and will likely only have to drive across a river to the Roseland Theater. Yay!

~Dan – np: Miles DavisThe Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions

  1. VotsVolf
    2nd Aug 08 (Sat) at 4:08 pm

    Thanks for the post

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