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((O)) planets have aligned ((O))

20th Jun 08 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ll be in Portland* on Monday, October 6th for work.
*-Portland, Oregon. Maine, quit asking!! It’s not gonna happen.

Icelandic ambient/post-rock/rock band (pick one) Sigur Rós will also be in Portland on Monday, October 6th… for work at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (downtown).

I just got a ticket to their workplace to see what their daily grind is like. This’ll be my 5th time seeing them… and I’m stoked. Each time is surreal / magnanimous / phosphorescent / pah-nah-men-ah.

Sigur Rós can come see me at my work for free that day, because that’s how *I* roll. Jonsi, call me. ::gestures::

~Dan – np: HiromiBeyond Standard

  1. 20th Jun 08 (Fri) at 8:00 am

    So, I got this free track from Sigur Ros at Starbuck’s last fall & loaded it on to my ipod & I always look to see whose playing when it comes up in the shuffle… Maybe I should pay attention more…took a listen at the new album & I kinda like it! It has one of those growing on you kinda vibes to it. Now if I could only understand what they were saying half the time. Maybe I’ll pick up on the Icelandic with a few more listens :)


  2. 20th Jun 08 (Fri) at 11:42 am

    Yeah, there are no good English to Icelandic translation services out there.

    This one and their last one were primarily in Icelandic. Past albums were in “Hopelandic,” which was a made-up language by SR – fusing English & Icelandic.

    If you wanna hear mroe S.Ros, M’s got some on her iPaw.


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