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Church and State

10th Jun 08 (Tue) Leave a comment Go to comments

Wow… very level headed and rational take on how religion & politics should interact…

And then there’s this guy who doesn’t know what the Constitution even says… and he doesn’t know that “In God We Trust” was adopted in the 1950s (not in the Constitution by the founders of this nation)…

Why do McCain and other politicians (Romney, Bush 41, Bush 43, etc) who say these types of things want to exclude 16%+ of their constituents who are non-believers/unaffiliated with religion?

Barack has claimed to be a religious person; and while I don’t hold his views, I’m completely fine with a politician having views contrary to mine. That’s what freedom of/from religion is all about. What I like about Barack’s speech above is that it separates him from the common pandering politician. He doesn’t try to force his religion on the populace (like other legislators). Hopefully it’s not “too good to be true.” Hopefully Obama can beat McCain in November.

~Dan – np: Charlie ParkerWith Strings

  1. J. Marie
    10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 5:02 pm

    While I was disconcerted by the Hagee stuff (and whoever that charismatic dude is, I forget his name), I thought, “well he used to be an Episcopalian, he has to have some grip…”

    Uh, maybe not?

    I don’t have any strong feelings about Obama (or even the Rev. Wright stuff–Bill Moyers did a decent interview with him, by the way). I’m a little concerned with his wife though (kinda the way I was about Hillary when it was Bill’s turn).

  2. J. Marie
    10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 5:04 pm

    And sheesh, McCain’s just lacked so much–it should’ve been much more eloquent if it’s of so much importance. He wasn’t even that convincing about what he’s spouting. It sounds like opportunist rhetoric to unify Republicans.

  3. 10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 8:01 pm

    I hope so. Barack in 08 bitch!!!!!!!!

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