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REVIEW: Ani DiFranco @ McDonald Theatre (Eugene, OR – – 4/16/08)

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Wow… great show last night from Ani and her compadres…

The opener was poet Judy Grahn‘s spoken word to beats and such from Animal Prufrock (formerly of Bitch & Animal) and guitarist Anne Carol. They played about 35-40 minutes. The songs/poems they played are presumed to be something along the lines of…

  • Bowls
  • Emotional Boner
  • Vampires
  • Mental
  • Love Me
  • The Forest
  • Bledsung
  • (unknown)
  • Walk & Taxi Back (my favorite of their set)

Ani DiFranco came around 9pm, played for just over an hour and a half. The background was really cool (but simple). It was a big curtain with different colored lights. McDonald Theatre didn’t seem to pull this out for That1Guy & Buckethead last month… alas, it was nice for Ani’s backdrop.

The last few times that I’d seen her, she only had bass accompaniment from Todd Sickafoose (who has not one but two nice jazz recordings). This time, she also had Allison Miller on drums and Mike Dylan (or Dillon) on xylophone (or was it a vibraphone?) and bongos.

Set list:

  • Shy
  • Half-Assed
  • Not a Pretty Girl
  • Swim
  • Lag Time
  • Decree
  • Napoleon
  • As Is (a favorite of the night)
  • Subdivision (a favorite of the night)
  • Here For Now
  • Swan Dive (a favorite of the night)
  • Fire Door
  • Anticipate
  • The Atom (new song, presumed title)
  • Alla This / Bankroll (new song, two titles floating around the internets)
  • In the Way
  • Shameless (a favorite of the night)
  • Encore: Gravel
  • Hypnotized

Eight times in eight years… it’s a good annual (or so) tradition to see Ani at work. The new songs seemed familiar; so perhaps she played them last year on tour, too. I look forward to her next album, which is probably “due” in 55 days based on the scientifically syncronized Ani DiFranco album gestation calendar (currently 9.16 months per Ani release, and 6.46 months if the “official bootleg” live albums are brought into the mix)*.

~Dan – np: klezmer podcast no. 33 (here)

*- Go on, tell yourself that I’m making these numbers up. The sad truth. I’m not.

  1. 12th Nov 08 (Wed) at 2:44 am

    can’t wait to see her again.

  2. Znakomka
    9th Jan 09 (Fri) at 10:20 am

    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  1. 21st Jan 10 (Thu) at 6:56 am
  2. 14th Apr 11 (Thu) at 9:46 am

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