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Her Fourth album, NPR’s Project Song, and remaking ’There Will Be Blood’

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Nellie McKay is at it again. “It” being writing another album. Her fourth release is due out this fall (yay!). Her comment on it… “it’ll be kick ass.”

She is also the debut artist for Bob Boilen / NPR’s Project Song. 2 days, 1 artist, 1 song. BTW, it’s downloadable (iTunes or other RSS feeder) as part of the “NPR All Songs Considered” podcast.

She wrote and recorded a song called “Cavendish” based on a photo (the 2nd one below)… the song fits in more with her easy-listening/old-timey songs (not her quirky raps or Zombie-romps). She sang all parts and played ukelele, piano, cello, and drum programming for the song. (They gave her a 3rd day to work on it.)

NPR Project Song

The photo inspiration:

Rumors that McKay is set to develop a cure for pancreatic cancer, successfully impeach the president on the Senate floor and remake There Will Be Blood, playing every role by herself (including the milkshake), have yet to be confirmed at press time.

The CMJ Story


  1. nil simsek
    31st Jul 09 (Fri) at 4:40 pm

    hello there,

    thanks for the entry!

    “this fall” has already passed i guess, since this entry belongs to 2008. so her 4th album release is still a mistery..

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