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REVIEW: Peter Evans & Dave Swigart @ Cozmic Pizza (Eugene, OR – – 2/4/08)

8th Feb 08 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

Randomingly spotting of a picture of a guy with a trumpet in Eugene Weekly led to quite an enjoyable evening of music. I imagine I’ll be seeing a lot of artists at Cozmic Pizza over the coming years while I’m here in Eugene. I love the beer, pizza, and desserts. And they bring in some great musical talent, and quite frequently get good jazz artists in the door as well. Monday’s show was no different… pizza, beer and jazz.

Opener: Dave Swigart Collective / Quintet / Group / Whathaveyou put on a great set. Dave Swigart is a UO music student, and his ensemble, while young, has some great chops. The quintet (I didn’t write names down) was comprised of Dave Swigart on trumpet, and then a saxophonist, guitarist, upright bassist, and drummer. Dave’s got some MySpace profiles up (hereand here), and I hope to check him out again soon.

The group played for about an hour, playing some standards and originals: “In a Silent Way” (Miles Davis/Joe Zawinul), “The Fragile” (NIN), “Salad Song” (with some nice Zorn-y sax work), “Strange Day,” “Johnsburg, Illinois” (Tom Waits), “Grocery Shop, Funky? A Little?” (smooth), and “Dream Comes Play With Me” (Cuong Vu).

Peter Evans (MySpaceand hereand also here) came on around 10:20pm. I stayed until about 11pm… as he blasted his solo trumpet improv. Being a fan of the downtown (NYC) jazz scene, his experimental solo trumpet was right up my alley. It was a little loud at times (I was too close to a speaker), but luckily I had my Hearos. He played one continuous onslaught that can best be described as this:

extreme improvisational breathing exercise, bleating grinding, potential classic guide to strategy volume four, old-timey record player, screeching painful gristle, atari missile command, wind tunnel, a jungle after chili night, valve open waterfall, rainstorm, sloppy grandma kisses, divingboard installer, wackamole with creaky pipes, motorcycle reving with an enigamtic invisible echoplex, twenty-five minutes in this surprisingly sounds like a trumpet, muzzled creepy, muted, like comparing apples to brake fluid adventure…

Great show all around… I wish I could have stayed longer, alas it was a school night…

~Dan – np: David BuchbinderOdessa/Havana


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