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Ellery, Ric Hordinski & Free Holiday Music

8th Dec 08 (Mon) 1 comment

As mentioned around Thanksgiving, Ric Hordinski (guitarist extraordinaire from Cincinnati) is having his annual holiday show with pop duo Ellery (Dec 12th @ Ric’s Monastery Studio in Cincinnati).

Well, same as last year, Ellery is giving away their holiday EP for free.  It’s called December Days.  Last year’s was a 3 song EP.  This year has an additional fourth track, the brand new collaboration with Ric Hordinski called “We Can Dream Tonight.”

Get it here:

It’s free, yo!

~Dan – np: Ty TaborBalance

Ric Hordinski back with Over the Rhine… one night only

25th Nov 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

I knew about this a bit ago, but don’t know why I never blogged it… anyway, guitar master & production wizard Ric Hordinski (aka Monk) is playing a one-off show with his former band, Over the Rhine, at their annual get together at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH.  This is one of those shows that I’m totally bummed I’ll be missing.  Ric is an amazing guitarist, and Over the Rhine’s sound has been missing a ton of what I loved ever since he left in 1996/1997.  I also assume that original drummer Brian Kelley will be playing with the band, too.  But I haven’t heard either way///

Anyway, one night onlyOver the Rhine with Ric Hordinski, December 19th, 2008 at the Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH.  Check out for more info.

Ric is also doing his annual holiday show at his monastery studio with Ellery (my new favorite husband-wife duo from Cincinnati).  Ellery’s 2006 debut album (Lying Awake) and very recent EP (You Did Everything Right) are among my favs in that genre that includes singing*.

*– Yeah, this year is my first year with more instrumental intake than vocal… alas, I still dig me some folk-pop stylings… especially that of Tasha & Justin Golden (i.e.- Ellery).

The Ric Hordinski & Ellery get together is the week prior (December 12th):

Friday, December 12th :: 7:30pm
– Doors open at 6:00pm, with caroling at 6:30pm
– Tickets are $15, only 100 seats available!

~Dan – np: Steven WilsonInsurgentes

REVIEW: Ric Hordinski & Leigh Nash @ the Monastery (Cincinnati – – 6/26/07)

27th Jun 07 (Wed) Leave a comment

great show last night. Ric‘s set was loud and buzzy, but good songs nonetheless. he didn’t play anything from his new record, The Silence of Everything Yearned For, which was odd… but it was a good set anyway. smile.gif and his new record is great. listening to it now… perhaps more similar to Hush but more straight-forward guitar rather than ambient guitar. Josh Seurkamp joined him on drums, and Mark Lukie (sp?) on bass (aka “Shaggy” per Bruce).

Leigh Nash‘s set was great as well. She played roughly an hour, containing songs from her solo album (last year’s Blue on Blue) as well as “Breathe Your Name” and “Kiss Me” from the 6p catalog. Cute persona and beautiful voice. We stayed for her whole set, even though I’m known for liking sleep on a weekday. It was a highly enjoyable evening.

np: ric hordinskithe silence of everything yearned for

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