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Geo Album #6

2nd May 09 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

Mr. George Hrab has announced the name for his upcoming 6th studio album… Trebuchet.  Take a glimpse at possibly a teaser for the artwork (below).  I say possibly, as this e-postcard of sorts is the first inkling of images / names for the album.

The Many Geo Links~

Geo’s webpage:

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Info about TAM 7 (Las Vegas July 2009):
it’s a skeptical / critical thinking meeting

Anyway, I’m stoked for album #6.  Geo puts out some great content each week in his podcast, and his albums are like little packets of goodness.

(click for larger)

~Dan – np: CelldwellerShapeshifter

  1. 3rd May 09 (Sun) at 11:45 pm

    wonderful pic (with the sea on it) :)

  2. 8th May 09 (Fri) at 6:34 am

    UPDATE: This is not the cover (per Geo’s podcast #114)

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